In our newest series, we define what Smart Growth means. While this a national issue, we look at Maryland’s 25 year relationship with Smart Growth, the achievements and challenges to date. Smart Growth can be development that supports economic growth, strong communities and environmental health. Smart Growth can cover a range of development and conservation strategies that help protect our health and natural environment and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger, and more socially diverse. Our Guest is Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning and Executive Director of the National Center for Smart Growth Research at the University of Maryland. Knaap’s research interests include the interactions between housing markets and policy, the economics and politics of land use planning, the efficacy of economic development instruments, and the impacts of environmental policy. On these subjects, Knaap has authored or coauthored over 65 articles and coauthored nine books.He currently serves on the State of Maryland’s Smart Growth Subcabinet, Sustainable Growth Commission, Governor’s Scientific Advisory Panel, and the Mitigation and Science workgroups of the Climate Commission. All Music and Lyrics in this episode by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin.

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