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The No, I Know Podcast Unit

The No, I Know Podcast is fundraising to design and create the No, I Know Mobile Podcast Unit.

Your donation will provide

Purchase of RV shell

Design of mobile RV studio

Audio/Video Gear for mobile studio

Travel costs

Donation Incentives

Donations of $500 or more: These podcast supporters will receive a pre-release email with all new podcast episodes, new music, concert recordings and special video releases that will be for this patron group only.
Donations of $1,000 or more: Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell will perform at an event of your choice. Whether a living room salon or backyard party, a private music podcast concert will be performed for you and your guests. Depending on your location, travel expenses will also be included. This patron group will also receive the above new release gift.

Examples of episodes we will produce with this mobile podcast unit:

  • Youth Culture and Engagement.
  • Connecting community through Music.
  • Sister Cities of Intentional communities. What does it take to make this work?
  • Community Esteem through the lens of: race, ethnicity, religion, civic engagement and more.
  • Unique Civic Engagement-Our participation as citizens that makes a difference.
  • Intergenerational approaches that improve life.

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