Studio Work


Enjoy a variety of our video production! 

Altruistic music video created by James Harrell of No, I know Podcast with Ilyana Kadushin.
Ilyana Kadushin’s performance of “Sex in Your Stars” in her one woman show ‘Mae Day’ inspired by Mae West’s book “Sex, Health, and ESP” at the Slipper Room NYC April 30th, 2015. Written and performed by Ilyana Kadushin. Piano – James Harrell. Edit and graphics – James Harrell of No, I Know. ©2015
No, I know Podcast’s Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell visited Ireland in June of 2015. One of their adventures was at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. Join them on a “space” walk and transcend space and time through their journey on this mystical and magical plane of existence. Music, edit, and graphics produced by James Harrell-No, I know.
Video about TerraCycle for Park Slope Food Coop’s Environmental Committee produced by No, I Know.
Falling in Love- in 3 Seconds! Motion Graphics, Editing and Music by James Harrell for Network 9 Brand Video.

“Public Speaking Moments”
Produced by No, I Know starring Adam Segaller.
Ilyana Kadushin (public speaking enthusiast and coach) was inspired by some John Cleese “How Not To” videos.

Mix and post production: James Harrell

“Sweet Ache: B-Side” GoPro camera slo-mo test of a bee visiting my kale plants. Music and Lyrics: No, I Know.

“Cocky Prick” Music video by No, I know.
“The Dishes” A dinner party amongst friends takes a horrifying turn when a rare bottle of wine is spilt. Written and produced by No, I Know.