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Multimedia artists, activists and husband and wife duo James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin talk shop in this engaging podcast, No, I Know. 

From art to science to society and culture, they bring you a spirited conversation with a call to action to the community at large. Oh, and of course…they converse about what it’s like to be married and create together.

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The first & third Sunday of Every Month
12pm EST
Delmarva Public Radio WSDL 90.7

Our Mission

Our vision is to create a mobile podcast media unit for community outreach that fosters creative engagement and community esteem.

The Mobile Podcast Unit will produce on-site events that include: Interviews, Live Podcast Concerts and Community Connections.

We will focus on intergenerational events and civic mindedness through music and the art.

We will illuminate our shared humanity and showcase people making a difference in their communities.

We bring not only our extensive media production experience and thoughtful content, but as musicians and performers, we will bring the spirit of creativity to every episode and event.

EP#90 I am Courage

Our guest is author Susan Verde and we speak about her newest title in the #1 New York Times best selling series called,  "I am Courage, a book of Resilience", illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. What is Resilience, how can we cultivate it and why do we need it in...

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EP#89 National Folk Festival

Meet some of the artists and musicians who will be at the National Folk Festival—one of America's largest, most prestigious and longest-running celebrations of arts, culture, and heritage. A Great American Festival (celebrating it's 80th year) Comes to Maryland's...

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EP#87 Swan Dive

What does it take to be a member of one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world? What are the sacrifices to the art form and it's life style? Most of us have no idea. Georgina Pazcoguin, aka The Rogue Ballerina, was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania and began...

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EP#86 Police Academy

On both National and Local levels in America, we see truly disturbing and disheartening images of violence and death of our fellow citizens. And if one has cultivated empathy for the state of our country, then we mourn that death, whether they are a civilian or a...

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