How does it affect the development of self and our culture as a whole if we regularly engage in the creative process and what if we don’t? Art and Spirit, they are in a marriage and are profoundly dependent on each other in ways we do not understand! What are the steps of the creative process and how is the subconcious at play with this? We have invited someone to shed light on this….an artist, teacher and author. Coeleen Kiebert is a sculptor working in both ceramic and bronze.  She exhibits her work nationwide in museums and galleries and is represented in numerous private collections.  She has degrees in Art Education and Psychology  Her interest in the psychology of the creative process, she pursued the effects of Asian philosophy on Western art.  Her search for the “spiritual” in art has taken her to extensive study and travel in Japan and China and left a decided impression on her sculpture.  These pursuits have become a powerful influence as she digs deeply for personal and spiritual meaning in her sculpting process. Music and Lyrics by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin.

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