We are all fighters. You against you, we all struggle with something in our lives that tests our will, our strength. How can we martial our own forces, body, mind and spirit? Why do we need this discipline within our self? Going to the edge of our comfort zone to test and see what we are really made of.  You could climb to the top of a mountain, run a race, or perhaps try something called Martial Arts. When I lived in NYC I studied Kung Fu and then landed on a marital arts called Hapkido, a Korean kickboxing and martial arts technique of it’s own. There are many styles and schools of martial arts and many benefits from studying it. We invited someone to talk about all this, who not only found his way to martial arts but went so far to open his own school.

Guest: Branden Hudson started a Mixed Martial Arts Fitness gym (SBY MMA and Fitness) in his hometown of Salisbury, MD with the dream of introducing a sport he fell in love with to the masses.  Branden is also a professional coach, shareing his inspiring life story and gift for motiving people to become the best versions of themselves on many stages across the country.

Hosts/Producers: Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell

All Music and Lyrics by: James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin


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