The Positively Adventurous League Series: First Book: “As Alone as Alone Could Be” Written By Rachel Mcintosh, Illustrations by Merve Terzi Yildiz, Production Consultant David Zellerford. 

“As Alone As Alone Could Be, a beautifully illustrated children’s book and the first title in the series, features “Sparkles” Clawhammer, a gender-neutral character blessed with courage, energy and imagination to spare, and explores a common scene for children today, being stuck in the house with no one to play with.”

“As we begin to confront the constricting nature of our culture, and the sometimes confining roles it has set for us, listening lovingly to stories like these, opens up opportunities to create empathy, and supports our evolution with the times. This can help us all rise to this momentous occasion in history, challenging societal norms and making the world a safer and more inclusive place for all people.”

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