During Covid , people fanatically and faithfully binge watched all the amazing television series and then compare notes with family and friends, like water cooler chat but now on ZOOM! Who creates these television shows that you get to enjoy? So many people make it happen. Today it’s often times a different director for each episode with groups of writers and different writers for each episode. What is it like doing this? Let’s find out from our guest: ALISON TATLOCK is a tv writer and playwright who currently works as a writer/Executive Producer on BETTER CALL SAUL. Previous credits include HALT AND CATCH FIRE, STRANGER THINGS and the HBO drama IN TREATMENT (starring Gabriel Byrne and Debra Winger). Alison worked for many years with the Los Angeles non-profit Street Poets, and now serves on the Board of Directors. All Music and Lyrics by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin.