On both National and Local levels in America, we see truly disturbing and disheartening images of violence and death of our fellow citizens. And if one has cultivated empathy for the state of our country, then we mourn that death, whether they are a civilian or a police officer. When faced with the growing issues in this country, we immediately think not of how we can fuel the fire and add to the division but WHAT are the solutions, the innovations, re-structuring and re-learning we can all do to move forward together and make this world a better place for ALL of us?
We are interested in presenting stories that allow us to walk a mile in each others shoes not choosing sides or dividing us further. Today we will speak with JOHN MOSES, the director of the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy, where they train new police officers.
We discuss the issue of policing our communities, as we believe the future of our communities development rides on it.

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