I narrated my first audio book in 2005, a very large and little known book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, a giant series to kick off my career and here I am 90 books later and I have told many stories, which I love so much. And on this episode we have guest: Jeremy Forsyth,  whom we have had the pleasure of working with and I narrated his book, The Little Fairleaf. 

Jeremy Andrew Forsyth is a South African fantasy writer who is based in Johannesburg. Born and bred in the City Of Gold, he is working on carving his name in the literary world. He is the author of the epic fantasy, Upon the Sands, which is set in a fantastic world where mystery and magic come alive. His passion for writing all started at the tender age of 9. Forsyth’s late grandmother who was also an author, would often read to him as a child, and those imaginative tales became an integral part of his life. His first writing exploits were immortalized in notebooks and his first cellular device: marking the start of what would later be his career. 

Forsyth continues to be inspired by authors such as C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Sharon Penman to name a few. These authors’ ability to construct creative tales that translate exquisitely to the reader, embolden Forsyth to do the same. He also finds inspiration  in the great outdoors, history, Medieval history – with its plot twists that, even some of the greatest writers could never conjure to fictional life – has continuously fascinated Forsyth. 

Forsyth’s deep-set love of imaginative worlds, storytelling, reading, as well as his life lived and inspirations, have culminated in this serendipitous career path for him. In addition to “Upon the Sands”, he has also the author of The Sun, Moon, Sand, and Star series, a collection of short stories which include The Evening Tide, The Broken Rose, The Missing, The Raven Heiress, and The Little Fairleaf.  

All Music and Lyrics by Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell.

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