This episode is part of our Going Green/Staying Green Series.       Whatever generation you are a part of, you look around you at your environment, the land and nature around you (even if you live in a city) and define your relationship with it. Do you like what you see? What’s challenging in it? What can you do? Do you take part of making it beautiful, of keeping it clean/sustainable, part of the caring for the plants and animals? There are generational differences to these questions but let’s look at what can unite us around it. Young activists are stepping up to meet the challenges of climate change and sustainability and today we are chatting with The Youth Environmental Action Summit (YEAS)  a community-based environmental education program here on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.  YEAS’s mission is to support young people in taking action on hyper-local environmental issues and to build up their capacity to lead and make the change they want to see. Each spring YEAS hosts an annual Youth Summit that brings together about 150 students, supports a year-round youth leadership program called the YEAS Ambassadors, and provides tools, resources, partnerships, and funds to support student-led action projects. Plus performances by Fenix Youth Project Poetry Performance from the No, I Know Podcast Live Event in October 2021. All other Music and Lyrics written by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin.

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