Welcome to the new new new age!
We try to keep a sense of humor and lightness but it’s sometimes eclipsed and disrupted. How can we manage the stresses as we enter into 2022? We have been taking ourselves to the center of the forests around us as much as possible, for some forest bathing. What is that pray tell?  You go out to that point in a forest, where you can feel the air change (more oxygenated), it’s quiet (so so quiet) and you feel all the tension melt and you feel lighter, more giddy. Out in nature, we reflected on this past year, that is now in the rearview. Whether you are a long time podcast listener or recently found us, this will inspire you to revisit some of the gems (the amazing guests we managed to gather:) you may have missed from the 2021 podcast series. 
*All Music and Lyrics performed in this episode by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin. Including Performance of ” Hearts Beat in Time” with Lyrics written by Dylan Alexander and Music by James Harrell.

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